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kunstraum niederoesterreich


Radical aesthetics and the consequences of extreme events

Curated by: Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler, Maximilian Thoman


An exhibition project at KUNSTRAUM NIEDEROESTERREICH 25 09 - 05 12 2015

and in the public space of Vienna with projects in collaboration with TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien and WUK.performing.arts


WORKS NEXT > Axel Stockburger (AT)


Godofredo Pereira (PT/GB)


Godofredo Pereira

Godofredo Pereira, installation view, photo: Eva Würdinger




Godofredo Pereira

Godofredo Pereira, exhibition view, detail, photo: Eva Würdinger






Godofredo Pereira (PT/GB)


Axiomatics, 2014-15.

Classification matrix, light box, oil samples, archival material,

video (color, sound), 20:29 min.


Axiomatics is a project that explores how techno-scientific modes of classifying the Earth become sites of political struggle. The piece focuses on the Orinoco Oil Belt in Venezuela to show how a dispute over the classification of underground resources became central to the Bolivarian revolution.

At stake is a shift in the classification of Venezuela's hydrocarbon reserves from bitumen to heavy oils. While several governments during the 90ties found bitumen to be profitable in the international energy market, the government led by Hugo Chávez was concerned with how heavy-oil would provide more revenues to the state and enable the Bolivarian revolution's social and territorial projects.

In the context of an oil-based economy, such a shift in classification constituted a radical semiotic transmutation of the body politic. By showing how Chávez narrates the spaces left by techno-science's indeterminacies, this piece foregrounds the political potential of a counter-hegemonic use of hegemonic tools.